Stone Border around house foundation


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Stone Border around house foundation

Would a stone border up to the foundation ,say up to a foot off the foundation be OK?
Will it assist in that nasty dirt splash that hits the house when it rains and will it help in drainige? It sounds like it would look nice and then place mulch in front of it...Are there pros and cons? Chime in y'all
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If planting foundation plants, these should be planted outside the drip line. The mulch will prevent the splashing on the house. The stones can be used to edge the front of the bed. Avoid straight lines. Get out the water hose and play with shaping the edge of the bed. Once you get it the way you like, that's where you place the stones.

Drainage issues? Gutters and downspouts should be clear and carry water away from foundation. Splash blocks do not carry water away. Downspouts should be connected to drains that lead to storm sewer or French drain pits. Lawn should slope away from the house so water runs away from the foundation. The ideal slope is 6" in the first 10'.

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