Landscaping program or software?


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Landscaping program or software?

Is there a free or cheap Landscaping program or software? I would like to be able to add pictures of my house and yard (or choose similiar ones in program) so that I can add stuff and see about what final results would look like.
I would like just simple stuff. Start program showing house and yard. Maybe add a fence, flower beds, etc. and be able to see what it would look like if I choose to do the suggestions.
Can be very basic or simple program. Does not have to be 3d or anything like that. Maybe even an easy paint or draw type program where I draw outlines of the stuff above. Of course, the better and easier, would be nice.
If there is no such cheap or free version. Are there landscapers that would accept pictures to put into their program for a fee to do a design for me? And about how much would that cost?
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Not the pro around here, but I did a search and saw this one that's free:

Seems like you can download it for free and do as wanted as you stated in your post. There are actually a lot of other programs out there you can do a google search on.

I'm sure others will chime in here so check back
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You can Google for landscape software. I recently did and found a site that did a review on the best selling ones. Tempted because I love landscaping, but I live in a rental right now.
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Thanks folks!

Thanks a lot. Got me going. I also looked on ebay and saw some. For some strange reason, I didn't even think about a search before posting. I searched the forum, but not other places. I usually always do an extensive search before hitting the forums.--LOL Guess I'm getting old==Heheheee

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