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Question Tree felling

I need to cut down a 16 in x 30 ft oak tree trunk next to my deck. I can only let it fall in one direction and that is over my septic field, is this a problem? All the branches have been removed and it's been dead for about 2 years.
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It could be a very big and very costly problem. To do it correctly, it should be cut down is sections. Like 3' long sections from the top down. Your tree has been dead for 2 years, so it is not going to cut easily. It will be very hard, and will probably bind up alot. If you cut it off in one piece at the ground, when it does come loose, there will be a big kick back. Maybe 4 or 5 '
kick back. If it is 16" in dia, you are going to need at least a 24" chainsaw.
This might be better left for a pro or a logger to cut down. I know I would not take it down in one piece. Good Luck

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