sprinkler system repair/reinitiation


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sprinkler system repair/reinitiation

MY husband and I have just discovered that we have a sprinkler system! (We moved appliances, found the timer then located the heads). We have replaced the timer - no water...

I read some of the other threads but still have questions. I think we found the main line in the garage - it has a red head and runs from the garage floor to the wall that would lead to under the house. The power lines from the timer run into the same wall. The line handle turns approx 1/4 turn. Is this normal?

If not, or if this is not the line, can someone please let us know where to begin looking for the water supply?


Tabatha and Brent
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was that valve the irrigation shut off? you will need to pressure up the line to start the rehab and search for leaks. you will also need to find all the individual zone valves. look inside the controller to see how many wires are hooked up. that will tell you how many valves you need to locate. you may need to rent a wire tracer or hire a irrigation/landscape co to do the locates. if you are not too handy with electrical or gluing pvc pipe, you might be better off hiring out this job. my guess is it is in disrepair and need several valve and head replacements or it would not have been abandoned. keep us posted and we will try to walk you thru it if you choose.

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