Those horrible Bradford Pear Trees


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Those horrible Bradford Pear Trees

HELP!!!!!!!! Several years ago I had three Bradfords that were side by side cut down. They were about 18 years old and one of the hurricanes split one of them. We were going to have the others "thinned" or "cropped" and were told to just cut them down because of stress areas that were already showing.

We had them cut down and to this very day are STILL having little Bradfords pop up everywhere. These trees were planted in a bed of junipers which we left. We had the stumps ground down. These "little" Bradfords are popping up not only throughout our lawn but ESPECIALLY under the junipers where the stumps were. It is difficult cutting them all out.

Can anyone give me any advice as to how I can stop these from sprouting???? How long do we have to put up with this???? I don't want to do anything to ruin the junipers.

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Any time I cut down a tree I paint the freshly cut stump with herbicide. Use RoundUp or Glyfos concentrate. It is the syrup concentrate you dilute to make weed killer spray.

As soon as the tree hits the ground I paint on several heavy coats of the syrup. You can see it get sucked into the stump. It will kill the roots and prevent the roots from sending up another sprout or suckers. Unfortunatley you must do it as soon as the tree is cut. You can cut your little sprouts and paint their little stumps but you may get more sprouts since you are trying to kill a large root ball.
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I thought that I had done the right thing........... having the stumps ground down. Guess short of continuing to pull them up I've miserably failed.

Thanks for your response.

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