Tree problem - trimming and cabling DIY


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Tree problem - trimming and cabling DIY

We have a large oak tree in our front yard, approximately 100 years old and probably 4 to 4.5' across at the base. About 2 feet off the ground, this tree splits off into a Y and 2 trunks - one of which hangs over our neighbor's roof. The tree has developed a split at this Y joint so we need to get it cabled and trimmed. The half of the tree that is hanging over our neighbor's roof is estimated at 40,000 lbs. All of the estimates we've had for this are outrageous, and we cannot afford them - but we need to do something ASAP as we also currently do not have homeowner's insurance (yes, I know, bad). My husband has purchased steel cable which would be used for the tree and is rated to over 80,000 lbs, but I am still nervous about this. Has anyone ever cabled or trimmed a tree themselves, and if so do you have any advice?
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Before I answer this, I have read elsewhere that you decided to remove the tree sometime after you posted this. If that's not true please let us know so we can advise you.

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If I had 40,000 pounds of a split-crotched tree overhanging my house, I'd already have consulted with my homeowner's insurance and my attorney. My suggestion is to have the tree removed.

Tree damage opens a tree up to insect pests and diseases, and chances are that the tree will eventually die. Depending upon age and species of tree, a consultation with an arborist would be worthwhile in determining whether or not cabling the tree would be worth the effort and protect your and your neighbor's properties. Typically, cabling a tree properly is beyond the capabilities of a DIYer.


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