Need info about removing stumps.


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Need info about removing stumps.

I cleared off about a 1/2 acre of trees since last summer.. I kept most of the bigger trees but cut out all of the smaller and dead ones. I used a minibackhoe and worked two days digging up stumps and smoothing everything out. I now have 8 stumps left to remove. They are all about two feet in diameter. I will probably hire someone to come out and grind them. My question is, should I go ahead and cut the stumps off level with the ground before I get them to come out and give estimates or leave them to allow them to see what they are working with? I hope to get this done and the land graded before next spring so I can plant grass and get this yard going in the right direction.

Thanks, Josh
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Hi Josh,

It would probably be best to have the stumps cut off at ground level, but I would suggest you ask whoever is going to do the work what they would prefer.

I hope you have protected your trees from construction work as you went along.

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If they're going to be ground up, lower is better. If you're going to hit them with a big piece of equipment and pull them out, leave 3-4' out of the ground.
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Back in my Mother Earth days, I cut stumps to the ground, scored them, and poured in Stump Rot and mounded dirt over them. I could still run my riding lawn mower over them and I had no sprouts. I scored the stump and poured in the Stump Rot immediately.

I never had a problem until the day I was driving the riding mower back to the shed and there was a big black snake lying across the privet hedge. I could have died if I had a weak heart. Fortunately, the electric man was at the end of the driveway. I screamed. He ran to the rescue. Killed the snake. I regret that because black snakes are helpful and not harmful.
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The less stomp above ground, the less it will cost you to have the stumps ground. I would cut to surface level. Hope your chain saw is in good repair and the chain is tight and sharp.

Good Luck.
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Thanks for all the help. I will go ahead and cut them to the ground. I have to do this regardless if I hire someone or I rent a grinder. I do have some trees that look to be dying. I am hopping they come back out next year. The strange thing is, it is trees that I didnt even work around.

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