Can I use sand for my yard?


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Can I use sand for my yard?


My husband is tired of maintaining the lawn. We help him, but it is in a sorry state (12 years old), with many missed feedings and has never been aerated. He refuses to hire a pro. (Hmmm- too cheap or the testosterone?) He wants to stone the entire front lawn. I'm bored with the way this looks on the many rocked properties around here.

Since we live near the Jersey Shore, I was wondering if we could create a beach scene out of sand, tall grasses, and use that wood/wire fence to kept the drifts at bay? Is this possible, or am I looking at the city's largest litter box?
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Xeriscaping is the new wave of the future and would be ideal for a beach location. The landscape can be transformed with sand and isolated areas containing native species of drought tolerant and low-maintenance plants. A consultation with a landscaper can help with a landscaping plan and recommendations for planting. Your local Cooperative Extension Agent can also be helpful.

Keep in mind property values. If everyone else in the neighborhood has a well landscaped lawn, then potential buyers may be turned off with a lawn that turned into a beach landscape. Drive through on shore communities to discover creative landscaping plans and plants used.
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I'd be concerned with the sand finding it's way into the house - it is very abrasive!!

btw - welcome to the forums
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Can I use sand for my yard?

The "green" matural appearing yard landscaping actually requires more maintenance than you think in addition to decreasing the property value. Sand and rocks are a different situation if you are in a desert climate like Arizona or Nevada. - This is especially true where you have a seasonal die-out and changeover.

Turf type lawns were developed and are popular because they actually take less maintenance once they are established.

Remember, many weed seeds are airborne, so you can expect weeds to pop up whenever there is some moisture.

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Spitehog, you might find this helpful in creating a beach landscape.


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