Leveling/grading a yard?


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Leveling/grading a yard?

Hello al!, I have just put in a Pool ,New addition and patio at my house and needless to say the backyard is totaled, no grass some trees and very un level, My question is " How do I level the yard or Grade it from the house? Do I run a string from the top of the Patio cement to the Top of the gate cement? do i use 2X4s to screed the soil down? or do i just hire some one to do it?I would really like to hear your thoughts, Thanks
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Yor first concern should be to slope the lawn away from the house, patio, and pool to maintain the proper drainage of rain run-off.

Do you plan to plant in grass? How large is the area? If large, rent a skid-steer loader or small tractor with grader blade to level the rough places. Then you will need to hand rake the soil before planting grass.

If this seems too intense, then hire a landscaping company.
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Id hire some one that has the tools and tractor machine to do the work. Might get sod put down and be done with it.
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Little job, DIY. Big job, hire out - I'm not interested in working that hard and long in the yard.
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Thanks Guys!

Yes Wirepuller that is my first concern, to slope it away from the pool and the patios, as its has several High spots and low spots i guess the best thing to do is rent a bobcat and get to it. but is there any way to ensure the grade is consistant and what about packing?or di i just eyeball it? yes i hope to put SOD down.
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Try using a helper and a string to check consistency of grade. When renting the skidsteer, get one with teeth on the front edge of the bucket. Use them to loosen the surface while going in reverse on the last pass over the area.

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