quaking aspen opinions


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quaking aspen opinions

I was previously looking into hybrid poplars, but have abandoned them because of short lifespans, weakness, etc. All thanks to the wonderful advice on this forum.

So I have moved on to the quaking aspen.

Experiences? Opinions?

I live in Indianapolis, IN, zone 5, mostly clay, tree would be in full sun, looking for fast-growing shade tree.

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Quaking aspen is a close relative of the poplar and has similar characteristics--short-lived and rapid growth rate. It matures at about 20 years with a height of 65 or so feet.

You might find the following info on landscape tree selection helpful: http://extension.missouri.edu/explor...ort/g06800.htm
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It may be helpful to know that almost any tree that is designated "fast-growing" will have weaknesses not found in a sturdy, slow growing variety. (Think of the turtle and the hare
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Connie, that is profound. Turtle & hare! Never had it put so. But, you clarify the point.

We have so many posts that want some big shade tree or a big privacy hedge to appear overnight. No one seems to be concerned about care and maintenance, growing conditions, or size at maturity.

It's so frustrating to drive through neighborhoods and observe the overgrown shrubs and trees. Those that have outlived and outgrown their usefulness and have become and eyesore. Even worse are the trees that have been beheaded.

It breaks my heart to read a post that says they are going to plant something somewhere and they are not going to live there very long and the next homeowners can deal with it.

The problem is folks walk into garden centers and see some pretty something in a pot that is shorter than they and have no idea that it will be 20-40-60-100 feet at maturity. Drive through older neighborhoods and observe the lack of knowledge about landscape species.

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