plant or not to plant


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plant or not to plant

I have about an acre of land that has had a lot of weeds through the years. A lot of broad leave weeds and cheat or is it cheet grass. I tilled it under this spring and I am wondering if I should wait untill all the weeds come up then kill them or should I plant now and then take care of the weeds later. I tilled this spring because the land is almost bare in the spring and if I wait the weeds and bunch grass is so thick I can not see the rocks and the roots are so thick I can not till the land. What should I do.
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Assuming that you want to renovate this one acre to be a weed-free landscape and you have already tilled, then you will want to treat the weeds with herbicide before seeding. In the meantime, you need to get a soil test to determine what amendments need to be added to the soil when you till again. Your local Cooperative Extension Agent can help with the soil test, recommend grass seed variety, and lawn maintenance schedule for your area.

Folks usually kill weeds with herbicide before first tilling. The first application is done, and a repeat application to kill what failed to die with first application. Since you tilled first, you will have to wait until weeds emerge, apply herbicide as weeds emerge. This may take several applications.

Soil will need tilling and recommended amendments tilled in. Starter Fertilizer with crabgrass preventer can be used when seeding.

This is the time to check slope. Lawn should slope at least 1 foot in 50 feet to carry water away from structures. Make sure there are no low or high spots.

Post new questions re: mowing and other care and maintenance issues. Your local Cooperative Extension Agent should be able to provide you with lots of info.
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Here's what I would have done:

Spray the weeds with glyphosphate (roundup). Wait a couple weeks. Spray the weeds again. Wait another couple weeks. Till. Seed.

The soil test will help a lot.

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