Gravel size?


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Gravel size?

I am installing some French drains, driveway troughs and 2 dry wells in my yard this summer. My question is what size rock to use in the French drains and dry well. I am thinking
1-2" in the French drains and 2-4" in the dry well. What do you think?


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I've read everything in stone size from 3/4" (20mm) to 2".

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Gravel size?

Separate the natural soil from the well-drained abackfill with a geotextile fabric mesh to minimize excessive fines from washing in and plugging the fill.

The best fill is a blend of coarse aggregates from coarse sand to 1" rock. Local availability and shape (natruarl or crushed) will determine the proportions, but a blens will perform best in most applications.

Golf course have used and are currently using french drain systems using only aggregate and no pipe covered by topsoil. This is not an immediate drain, but fast enough to use for a U.S. Open and maintain great turf.

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