Raised bed garden wall replacement


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Question Raised bed garden wall replacement

I have a raised garden bed with a wall of pressure treated 4x4's (set vertically). The run is about 60' and height varies from 12" to 18". The bed twists and meanders and the height changes to best fit in with the lay of the land. The PT lumber is rotting and I want to replace it but the only thing I have found that is both attractive and effective are precast concrete decorator 'blocks' or 'bricks'. At almost $3/each and figuring I need about 250-300, that gets pretty expensive.

Are there other materials that would give me an attractive wall? I prefer not to go the wood route for obvious reasons. My only other option is to do away with the wall altogether and blend the raised bed into the lawn but before I do that, I would like to explore wall options since this particular location lends itself to an attractive raised bed.

Any suggestions?

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Those wonderful, stackable decorator blocks! They would be ideal for your situation, but quite expensive.

You don't want to go the wood route again because the timbers will eventually rot again. I have them at my mountain cabin. They are pushing 30 y.o. When I replace them, they will likely outlast me. Thus, as they say, everything is relative.
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Good morning,

If you do some shopping around, you may find lower prices on those blocks. Most people seem to purchase these concrete blocks at the big box stores, but you may also find them at garden centers, (Some K mart and Walmart stores have them and put them on sale!)

Also, Stone yards may have sales or soon to be discontinued items at a better price. Call a couple of landscaping companies...they may be more affordable than you think if you wait until it's nearly winter.

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Raised bed garden wall replacement

When you buy segmental retaining wall units take a hard look at the manufacturer.

There are specifications for these block that are used in commercial and municipal construction. These are patented shapes and they must meet the appropriate ASTM specifications (dimensions, strength, durability, etc.). There are many block that look the same, but are "knock-offs" and do not have the have the same performance properties because they are just for landscape use.

These "knock-offs" may be adequate for a low wall with limited exposure to freezing, salt and some chemicals. There are some retailers that carry the lower tier of quality. Landscapers usually carry the better units since they rely on the technical support and engineering on the more critical projects that require superior performance and back-up. The "better" big box stores (if there is such a thing) usually carry the national brands because of standardization and the ability to sell the same units everywhere.

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Thanks, folks. That is all pretty helpful info. I will go back out and take a much closer look.

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