Irrigation Help Please!!!


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Irrigation Help Please!!!

I recently installed a two zone drip system in my back yard. I ran pvc with 4" risers coming up to the ground level that have 4 port bubblers on them which feed 1/4" poly line and drip emitters to each plant. I have one station watering roughly a dozen plants (trees, shrubs, bushes) fed by one anti-siphon valve, and one station dedicated for my vegatable garden fed by another anti-siphon valve.

The problem that I am having is that the garden zone is just pvc with one single riser at one end of the vegetable bed, with a 4 port bubbler feeding into 1/4" poly lines and drippers at all of the root zones of the plants. The bubbler at the end of the pvc that feeds the poly lines leaks and floods at a rate of about 5 gallons per hour. I've replaced it with two different bubblers, and they all leak at where the elbows come out of the top. I can't figure out why it leaks, I mean they don't leak on the other zone that has more of them in the line, but it leaks on the garden zone with only one of them.

I have a pre-set 30 psi 8 gph pressure regulator inline before the anti-siphon valves, and the anti-siphon valves have a pressure adjuster built into them which I can control. The bubblers I've tried have a working pressure rating of up to 100psi on them so I can't imagine that there's too much pressure at the bubbler.

How can I fix this? Do I need to add another lateral pvc line to compensate for the working pressure at the single riser/bubbler? Should I run hard pvc throughout the vegetable beds with risers and mushroom sprinklers? I like the idea of having the root zone watered only which is why I opted for the bubbler and 1/4" poly line/dripper setup in the first place. Should I run a 1/2" poly line as a lateral line from the pvc and tap off of that with 1/4" line? Why are these bubblers leaking? There can't be too much pressure at it because even assuming the pressure regulator isn't functioning, I can still adjust at the valve. What should I do?

Thanks in advance,
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is it leaking at the connection of the pipe? is it clamped? for drip the 1/2" line is usually not clamped just slipped on but I put a couple zip ties on them anyway.
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It's clamped with hose clamps on the 1/2" lines. It's leaking from where the 1/4" line slips onto the elbows or barbs on the 4 port bubbler.

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