Want to run water line to garden


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Want to run water line to garden

I am in the process of deciding how I want to run a buried water pipe out to my garden. It is approx 75 feet. Will bring the supply out of basement next to an existing spigot on the back of my house. I need suggestions on how best to connect the copper supply pipe that I will run through back of the house to the polyethylene or pvc pipe that I will bury and run to my garden shed. Will threaded pvc fittings connect to a copper threaded fitting reliably? Should copper fitting be female and pvc male? Thanks.
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First have a dedicated brass ball valve to cut this portion of the unit off completely without having to cut off the house water. I would use a male fitting on the copper and attach it to the female on the end of the pvc. And yes, you can locate fittings that are compatible. From that point the pvc can be buried to your end valve. Make sure you have a way to drain this line from the house to the atmosphere to avoid freezing in cold weather, so placing a small valve on the lowest point to open in the winter.
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Thanks Larry. Appreciate it.
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Consider building a covered well of loose concrete blocks, with drain fitting at the bottom. This is your lowest point, for draining the pipes every autumn.

If you run a power cable in there now, you may be glad of it someday.
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if you are coming thru a concrete wall use pvc or something to insulate the copper from contact with the concrete wall or it will corrode the copper in a few years.
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Thanks guys. Yeah, I had planned on running power out to the shed at the same time. Also, the piping will exit the house through the first floor rim joist, so no concrete work necessary. Luckily there is plenty of slope in this run. I would guess maybe 5 or 6 feet of drop from where the pipe will exit the back of the house. This should make it easy to drain the system each fall.

Should I use 3/4" poly tubing? The source will be 1/2" copper out of the back of the house. Also, I would guess I need a valve of some sort at the connection at the back of the house to open to allow the line drainage. Any ideas on how to best set this up assuming I will have a 1/2" copper supply pipe coming out the back rim joist?
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I would bury a treated 4x4 2'-3' into the ground, with 2'-3' above ground, then bring the line up using a copper pipe bolted to the 4x4 with clamps, then you can use a regular spigot at the top. Also, wrap it in insulating foam or tape.

If your slope is that much, the spigot could be enough for drainage. I live in the California desert, so I don't know if *all* the water has to be drained. I'd think a few inches of water in the pipe would be ok.

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