Need to get rid of pea gravel


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Need to get rid of pea gravel

Hi, I'm tearing out a dog run that has maybe 3 yards of pea gravel in it. I can't find anybody who can haul it away. I've called at least a dozen rubbish removal, landscaping, and gravel companies. Nobody knows who can help. I posted a free ad on Craig's list, but who knows if I'll get a response anytime soon.

So, my idea is just to reuse the gravel under my deck. I have a large deck that already has gravel under it, but it's probably only 1/2" thick. Is there any problem with adding to that gravel? I have pretty good access under the deck, so that is not a problem.

Any advice? Thanks!
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Need to get rid of pea gravel

There should be no problem using it under your deck.

Just spresd it evenly over your existing rock. They both are clean draining materials. I assume you hove poly under your existing rock. If iy gets too thick, you many need some edgomg to keep everything where you want it.


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