gravel 10in deep around tree trunks


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gravel 10in deep around tree trunks

I plan on re-grading a part of my yard where a retaining wall used to be. There are several trees in the area I would like to keep, but by re-grading, 10 inches of the base of the trunks on these trees would be covered in dirt, which I know would eventually kill the trees.

My idea is to surround the trunks with a 12 inch diameter tube, 10 inches tall, then do the grading around the tubes, and fill the tubes with gravel. Would it be safe to surround the base of the trunks in gravel 10 inches deep?

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if you cover the roots you will eventually kill the tree, if I remember correctly the air has to be able to get to the feeder roots out close to the drip line. you can add about 2-3 in of soil and then let the tree roots grow up then in about 1 year add another 2-3 in of soil. depending on the type of tree. you would need to consult a arborist to be sure.

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