Broken pipe


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Broken pipe

Hi all. My husband has the hose on our deck connected to the outdoor tap with 1/2 inch CPVC pipe. Unfortunately, I didn't get all the water out for the winter and the pipes all cracked. He has the pipe following the house in a straight line, then connectors to turn the corner, he always liked things very neat and tidy! How do I fix this pipe! I did watch a program which implied that gluing the connectors together was difficult. I was quite proud of buying a new splitter (two hoses) until I saw the crack in the pipe!
I have pictures, if that helps.
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Just cut out the bad section and splice in a fresh piece. The gluing requires that the pipe be cut square, the primer applied to the surface to be joined, then the cement applied to all surfaces. Slip the pieces together quickly, twist one-quarter turn. Hold in place for 30 seconds for the cement to set. Place that assembly so that you don't wind up with a joint to complete that is physically impossible. Naturally, follow the instructions and cautions on the cans of primer and cement. The cutting tool, looks like a cutter for flowers, will make this a straightforward job.

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