Sprinkler Valve leaks


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Sprinkler Valve leaks

At the valve box, one valve has water spraying out. The water comes out between the bonnet and the body at one spot. I have tighted it (Hardie HR1) as much as I can. After enumerable attempts at taking the bonnet off and screwing it down again, I can make some minor change in the location of the place it sprays, but can't stop it. I know that they are not designed to have any "support" from silicone or whatever, but would there be damage if one used a little. Ideally I like to know how to solve the problem correctly of course.
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The valve is now working ...

.... I don't know if I can credit the little bit of silicone I put on the rim of the bonnet where it leaked or perhaps there was just a better alignment of the bonnet with the base. The other discovery I made, actually a suggestion at the local Top Crop, was that the seal on the water outlet (in the base)was improved by reversing the rubber washer on the base of the diaphram.
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Sometimes, old, stiff washers will be your undoing. Plan on replacing it next time.

Glad you found a solution.

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