Irrigation Zone Valve - How do I find it/them


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Irrigation Zone Valve - How do I find it/them

None of my four zones will turn on - not automatically or manually.
I have very carefully rechecked all settings on the timer and they are correct. The back up battery is good. The inline fuse was good but I replaced it just in case. Everything seems to be pretty good here.

I think the problem lies in my zone valves. I have checked several web sites and read different articles on how to service the valve itself. At this time, I have no idea what type of valve I am looking for. I do not know if the valves are all together or separate. If I understand correctly, I should have a master valve and then one valve for each of my four zones.

My problem is that I can not find the valve or valves.
How do I do this? I traced the wiring from inside the garage to the outside and then followed the wires for a short distance. They disappeared under the air conditioning slab - I stopped digging at this point. So, any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks

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Welcome to my world! good luck with this, If I had installed the system the valves would all be in one location within 3 ft of the bac-flo. But this is not the case so look for depressions in the turf that may indicate a valve is buried there, they are usually located within 3-4 ft of the house you can also poke around with a shovel or pitch fork and listen for a dull hollow thud, or you can use an underground cable and wire detector, (what I use) Do you have 26 vac at the zone terminals of the timer? start there first and make sure the timer is working before all the work of locating valves. good luck and post back your findings.

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