Sprinkler system Woes


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Sprinkler system Woes

I have a sprinkler system with 5 "fields". Field 2 will not turn off. I have turned off the timer and it still stays on- so I think this is a valve/solenoid problem. I have replaced both the diaphragm on the valve and the solenoid, but it still won't turn off! The body of the valve appears intact, and the seals appear good. Also- when I turn the manual on/off switch to "on", the sprinklers actuall lose pressure. When it is in the off position, they are going full bore. Any ideas??
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A new valve would probably be needed.
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you loose pressure cause zone 2 is always on when another zone is manually selected so you have 2 zones on at the same time, unplug the timer to make sure it is not internally shorted to zone 2 and if it still runs then you have a valve problem, make sure all the bleed hole are clear in the valve and that there are no obstructions in valve seat area, are you sure you installed new dia. properly? is the solenoid plunger still in the solenoid? these valves rarely go bad internally typical failure is the solenoid.

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