Trimmer not working


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Trimmer not working

Hi Everyone:

I purchased a Trimlite Home Elite trimmer, model UT20004B. When I pull the cord, the engine turns but does not start.

I cannot find the manual and could not find it on-line either (this is not normal since I normally keep all of the manuals in a known place - but we recently moved). Knowing that the engine needs air, fire and fuel, I removed the air filter (which was dirty) and restarted and got the same result. The bubble filled up when pressed so the fuel seems OK. The only other ingredient is the spark from the spark plug.

I used an NKG BM6A spark plug; however, I do not know what gap I should use. Can anyone help?

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Grenville, have you tried contacting Homelite? You might be able to get a manual if you click on 'Click to Launch Homelite Parts Catalog'. I couldn't seem to get several of their pages to load or they loaded blank.

I've tried searching with several different terms at google and using the term: homelite trimlite
I found this thread. See if this helps as it sounds like the same problem.

If not, copy and paste your post on the Outdoor Power Equipment and Small Engines forum.

I also found this review that might be helpful.

1. Can be hard to start - The major con with the Trimlite is the starting. Next to it's primer button there is a selector switch with the numbers 2-3-4. When you go to use it (after first priming it) you are supposed to set the switch to the #2 and give it a few pulls. When the motor seems like it's about to start you then set the switch to #3 and continue pulling until it starts. You then set the switch to #4 and leave it there while you work. Why the trimmer has this many steps I don't know but it definately is a pain.
Hope that helps,


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