drip system


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drip system

I currently have an irrigation zone that uses 4 inch pop up valves. The zone is approximately 150 feet long and provides water to evergreens that have a height of 6 feet.

The pop valves are providing a lack of water to the back side of the bushes. I would like to convert the pop valves to a drip system to enhance the watering of the plants and improve the efficient use of the water. Can this be done? If so, what do I need for the conversion? Currently, I have toro pop up sprinklers.

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To convert a sprinkler to a drip system, you would need to remove a sprinkler head from the riser, and screw on a 1/2 to drip line conector.Then you could run your line and add drippers were ever you want to. The drip system would go on when ever the sprinklers are on.

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