Fill and sod pool hole


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Fill and sod pool hole

I have an above ground pool that I will be removing this fall. Because my back yard slopes, a portion was dug out so it would be level. The size of the hold that I will need to fill goes from 0 at the back of my lot to about 36 inches closest to my house.

I have seen other homes do this and they fill the hole in and sod and in 6 months to a year the fill settles and they are left with a depression.

I would like to fill this in this fall and let it settle over the winter and fill and level again in the spring before I sod over it.

Should I fill the hole in with clay or some other material and top it off with 6 inches of soil or is there a better process?

Is there anything that can be done to speed the settling process so when I sod in the spring I can be relatively sure most of the settling is finished?

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Fill and sod pool hole

Nothing settles and compacts faster than a relatively clean sand that has some moisture to let it/force it to settle. It can have some other materials like organics (black dirt) or clay, but they just slow the compaction rate. Good sand will get 95% of maximum density within a week or two if it get water that can drain down and away. As you have seen by others, topsoil and sod can takes years to finally settle.

You cam always cover it with whatever type of topsoil or sod you wish.


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