RainBird Compatible Spray Head


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RainBird Compatible Spray Head

About 6-8 years ago, I had a professional landscaper install an in-ground sprinkler system as part of an overall landscaping project. He used RainBird sprayers (Series 1800) to water the yard between the front sidewalk and the house and Hunter rotors (for larger areas) for the side yard. Since then, the landscaper has retired and left the area. I'm also retired, and not in great physical shape, although I do cut my own grass and do basic chores around the house.

The RainBird sprayers worked well until this year. I noticed that when I cut my grass at the maximum height of 3 1/2" (which is recommended because it gives the grass roots more shade), after several days of grass growth, the spray heads aren't able to get above the top of the grass, so the water is not getting to areas previously watered. I need probably 2" more in height, but don't want it permanently sticking above ground because it could be broken off (by the lawn mower or dogs bumping it, etc.).

I am wondering if anyone can suggest any solutions to this problem.

One possible solution, if it even exists, might be any type of spray head that is compatible with the RainBird 1800 Series that would slide into the housing(is that the correct term for the heavy plastic cylinder the head pops out of ?) and be able to top up an extra 2" - perhaps a 4" riser(?) would pop up and another 2" riser (smaller diameter) would extend up from the 4" riser......this type of solution would simply require unscrewing the old head, pulling it out, then putting the new head in its place.....if it doesn't exist, do you think there might be a need for it?

Another might be to see if some type of flexible hose can be connected between where the housing is currently attached to the water pipe and the bottom of the housing (once it is detached from its anchored/threaded connection) - if this option is possible, I could buy 6" spray units and attach them this way. It would take more time/effort than the previous option, but I feel that I might be able to do it myself. It would avoid having to pull new hose 2" deeper than the current hose.

Hopefully, you see what I'm trying to accomplish and can suggest a solution......thanks for your help/suggestions!
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Hi Allen,

Have you vistied the Rainbird site? It appears they have what you are looking for.

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Solution to Rainbird 1804 Sprinkler Problem

A company named HIT manufacturers a Rainbird 1804 (and 1806) compatible sprinkler that pops up 7" rather than 4". The unit is called HIT's Rain Pro 907-T. The way it pops up 7" is that it has a pop-up within a pop-up. You can find info about it here:


Consequently, rather than having to spend time on a major undertaking of digging up the 1804 and replacing it with the 1806, I can replace the "guts" (the internal pop-up) with HIT's Rain Pro 907-T. The 907-T accepts the Rainbird sprinkler head and the clear plastic filter that is under the head......the time to make this replacement is minutes, rather than hours digging up the 1804 and replacing it with the 1806!

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