Poly underlay


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Poly underlay

Just a quick rather inexperienced question, if I use a 6mm poly plastic under the rock I am putting down around my house, will my plants still get water even though the roots are under the plastic? And if not how can I achieve getting water to the roots? Some area's are approx 42" wide.
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Regular roll plastic? No, water won't penetrate. The weedblock fabric will let some seep through, but I think even that will eventually clog.

Better to put a drip irrigation system at points around the plantings and leave plenty of area clear around the base of the plantings. If you only leave a little area clear or don't install an irrigation system, the roots won't grow out to the area around the plant. That will lead to stunted and weak growth.
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Sheet plastic will cause water to puddle and can lead to mosquito problems.Also eventually the rocks will rip the plastic up though that will be in a few years.

Weedblock is the better choice but as stated eventually loads up.Either way people don't realize that these need replacing after a few years and moving rock to do it is a problem.

If drip systems are too pricey or difficult maybe the "Weeping" version of sprinkler hoses is an option.you'd have to either manually control them or hook them to a timer but it would be cheaper and simpler.

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