Patio and Rock Wall


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Patio and Rock Wall

I've got two projects that need to get done soon but I'm not sure how to go about doing so. The first project is my patio, been falling apart and the wood that they put in place when the house was built is rotted. Here are some pictures,
My question is what can I put underneath the bricks and what should I put there to replace the wood?

The second project is more complicated. My house is built into the side of a small rocky hill and after years of rain many of the rock walls are giving way. Here are some pictures of where I am focusing my attention,
Drainage is not too good there either as it seeps down that wall and pours into the carport below. What can I put down there so it wont all drain into the carport?

Thanks in advance for any help provided.
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Hi Zook,

Did you ever get any help with your projects? Your brick patio appears to be higher then the soil around the foundation of the house. Looks to me as if the entire patio will need to be removed and reworked with proper drainage below it.

For your second situation you may need a structural engineer to take a look at it. Maybe even someone with knowledge of soil structure and movement.

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Hard to say how much needs to be redone, without seeing the entire patio space. Quick fix would be to remove all bricks that are out of whack, add sand, and compact it with a rental vibration compactor, or let it rain a few times for the sand to really settle in, and then reset the bricks. Add new pressure treated lumber to replace old. Reuse old spikes to hold new wood in place, or replace with longer spikes, perhaps on the outside of the wood so it doesn't split again. Add sand on top of bricks and sweep in sand to lock bricks in place.

You could add bricks up to the cement foundation, but only if you make the whole patio slope away from the house for proper drainage (1/4" per foot).

As for the wall, hard to say without being on site.

Hope that helps--Peter
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Patio and Rock Wall

Tearing out the bricks and trying to compact some added sand would be a waste of time. Sand does not compact, and is never stable unless it is confined on all sides, the top and bottom.

You need to tear out the patio dig out some of the "dirt" below and put in base material (same thing that is used under driveways) and compact it. Then reinstall the pavers. You would have better luck using interlocking concrete pavers instead of the old, variable brick that do not interlock even in a herringbone pattern.

Everything I see on the photos is just a bunch of rocks or brick piled up on top of poor soil/dirt with no concern for drainage or stability.


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