trees getting too large for pool enclosure


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trees getting too large for pool enclosure

I have a travelers palm and a majesty palm that are getting too tall for my screen. Should I chop them off at the base and let the start growing again, and if I do, will it kill the plants?
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Sounds like another situation where trees were planted without consideration of size at maturity. It's best to remove trees that have outgrown their space. It is not clear if trees are potted in the pool enclosure or are planted in an outdoor pool area. If you live in a growing zone where trees can be transplanted to outdoors or have a landscape large enough to relocate the plants, then you may have some options.
Radical pruning of the travelers palm can result in death of plant. This relative of the banana tree can reach 30-40' in height and needs lots of room to grow. Majesty palms are fast growers, growing a foot or more each year and reaching 30' in twenty years. Pruning is usually limited to removing damaged or diseased fronds.

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