Chipping/Shreading bushes


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Chipping/Shreading bushes

I have 4 bushes that are about 10' in diameter. Instead of just piling them in the woods I wanted to chip them up. Would a standard chipper I could rent chop these up. I know it's not a question of the diameter of the branches being too big, but rather too small. Can they be too small for a chipper/shreader? Should I just cut the branches up and spread them out in the woods? Suggestions.

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If you need the mulch, rent a small chipper/shredder. Otherwise, put the branches in the woods. Just my 2 cents. Good luck with your project.
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Supraman, that's great advice from Wirepuller. Brush piles are beneficial to wildlife, giving them shelter and a source of food. You might find this interesting.


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