mulch all the way around the house ?


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mulch all the way around the house ?

Ive read somewhere that its a good idea to plant shrubery all the way around the house in an effort to keep the ground temp consistent. What about spreading something like cypress mulch all the way around the house at the base near the foundation ?
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Just make sure that is is 4" below the exterior cladding so as to not provide a termite bridge.
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It is not clear re: your source of info. A surround of your structure with plantings has no control over soil temp. The goal is to plant species that will survive your area growing conditions.
Mulch is important for conservation of moisture. Back mulch off without touching plant to prevent disease and back off from foundation to prevent insect invasion.
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Sorry, I don't man to hijack this thread but I just wanted to make sure that if you do mulch that you select something other than cypress mulch. I am part of the Save Our Cypress Coalition and we have been trying to educate consumers for the past couple of years as to where the cypress mulch is coming from.

As stupid and as unbelievable as it sounds, the mulch industry is clear cutting entire forests tens of thousands of acres and chipping the entire 50-70 year old cypress tree up into mulch. Not lumber, but mulch! This practice is having a devastating effect on our forests and communities all throughout the south east.

These trees are not plantation grown or being farmed (replanted). If you visit the coalition website they will give you sustainable options, some of which should be available in your area.

Home - Save Our Cypress Coalition - Say NO to Cypress Mulch

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Compost makes an excellent mulch because is readily decomposes into the soil. It also has the advantage of looking rich and natural.
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Jeffrey, that's a valuable and important point you made. In reading BitShift's post I just glazed over the mention of the cypress mulch.

Thanks for sharing that info and link.
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