New Monterey Rental Needs HELP!


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New Monterey Rental Needs HELP!

Long story short my friends and i quickly needed a new place that would allow us to keep our two dogs and we found this home...
it's in a decent location but the front yard needs WORK before we have any company.
(i had to use the pics i found off google maps)
Right now there really isn't any landscaping to the front yard.

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Hi Sticksandstones,

Congratulations on your new home. As a dog lover you pulled at my heartstrings.

First I'd get rid of whatever that blue thing is.

Is the landlord willing to pay for some materials such as paint and maybe some wood or pavers? If so, I'd suggest painting the house the same color as the garage door and maybe the trim as well. If not, maybe paint at least the trim in a lighter color. If the landlord will pay for the paint, I think I would paint the house the same color as the garage door, a lighter brown or taupe for the trim and white for the front door.

It's hard to see the front door, so if the landlord won't pay for paint, I'd at least paint the front door a light color. If that is the only part of the house you can paint, then make it the same color as the garage door.

I can't tell from the picture if the driveway is usable, but it doesn't look like it is. If it's not, maybe look at one of the sites like one of the freecycle ones or craigslist and see if someone is getting rid of pavers the same color as your concrete. Then make a patio to extend the pad in front of the garage door to the front door. Then you can place some colorful flower pots there and maybe a small table with a couple of chairs or a bench. I think I see a bunch of clay pots in the garden bed on the right. You might be able to paint those bright colors.

If anyone has any carpentry skills consider building a trellis to put on the side of the garage that faces the street. Purchase a flowering vine that will grow in the sun conditions you have. You can make a fold down trellis.

The handrail to the front stairs looks like it could use a facelift. Look at pics on the internet to see if you can find a picture or plans for something you like.

If the landlord will pay for you to renovate the lawn, this California site will be helpful.

You might also find this helpful about lawns and dogs.


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