Wild cherry tree needs to come down


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Wild cherry tree needs to come down

I have 2 wild cherry trees in my backyard growing side by side which are approx. 50ft. tall. One of the trees is dead & needs to come down soon, & I'm considering having both removed. I called a tree service & the guy quoted me a price of about $2800.00 to remove both trees. That includes chipping the brush & removing the wood. He told me that even though it's cherry it has no market value because the branches are twisted. Does anyone have an opinion on this? I figure in the very least the wood can be burned in a fireplace or woodstove. I am hoping that I can give the wood away & not have to pay the cost of having it hauled out. Today, I am going to call other tree services as $2800 is way over my budget. Does anyone have an opinion on whether this wood is worth anything & whether or not folks would want it. Thanx.
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Taking trees down is all a question of where they are. Some are simple, others I wouldn't go near. More quotes will help, but make sure they have insurance.

As for the wood, you can be certain non of it will be going to a land fill. Most tree services already have it sold before they come to your house, it is part of the business and part of his profits.

Depending upon where you live, there may be some organizations that provide heating assistance and they might be able to arrange to take them down in exchange for the wood.

As for what the Cherry is worth, there are a couple of issues. One, they must come down before the sap starts to run and two, since they are in your back yard, many wood processors will not want to cut them up as they are likely to have nails and what not buried in the wood. Took down a big old tree last fall next to a house and started chunking it up and the sparks flew. There was an old back plate for a basketball hoop. Cost me a chain and bar.

It is a shame, but the reality is getting from your back yard to a pile of processed boards has to compete with thousands of other trees that are a lot easier to deal with.

Good luck

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Hi Tundra,

I agree with Bud. I had 5 trees removed and all were chipped into mulch. If the wood is used for burning it needs to age so it will need to be stored someplace. Even the chipped wood needs to age as it's not good to put newly chipped wood on a garden.

You may also need to have the stumps ground down. Cherry trees are notorious for sprouts forming from the left over roots, so you'll have to keep removing them or help the stump to decay. Here's an environmentally friendly way of helping the stump and left over roots to decay.

Do be sure you check 3 references for each company you consider. It's amazing what you learn when you talk to people. After my 5 trees were downed, there wasn't a leaf left.

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hi, I run a tree service in central Az and the price quoted is not a bad one for removing 2 trees that size, you can talk to the company and tell them you will dispose of the wood yourself and save some money, but let them haul the sticks and green waste, it will cost you more in time, energy and dump fees than it will save you! the wood, it twisted is not good material for finished wood products, but makes a very nice firewood. depending on the area where you live, you may be able to sell the wood yourself and recoupe some of your cost or if it does not sell, give it away and save a few bucks over having a pro haul it off for you. personally, we give away the wood from projects like yours because there is not much of a market for it, it goes to eldrrly and financially indigent families in our area. The other wood, we sell at a below market cost. [like pine etc]

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