Gravel Driveway


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Gravel Driveway

I currently have a concrete driveway. Right next to it is a gravel driveway to haul trailers and large things. However, the gravel travels to the grass. Does anyone have any ideas to keep a crisp edge? (Remember that a truck and other large items may be going across the edges). Pictures would help since I'm a visual person. I guess the previous owners never cared about it or had it bother them enough to fix it.

Thanks in advance!!
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I have a gravel driveway for my trucks & trailers. During construction the driveway was dug down below grade level. The "trench" was then filled with stone so the top of the completed driveway is flush with the surrounding ground/grass and the gravel stays in place very well.

If your driveway was built by just dumping stone on top the ground the stone will natuarally want to travel downhill onto the lawn. You can edge the driveway with railroad ties, edging stones, metal strips meant for edging... Railroad ties, heavy timbers and large commercial sized edging blocks are the only edging that I've seen survive heavy vehicles. You can also try raking back loose stones from the edge of the driveway to help prevent them from being easily knodcked into the grass area.
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Thanks for the quick reply. I guess I'll research different types of durable edgings.
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You could try some stone dust spread over the gravel and watered in to help lock the top layer of gravel together.
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I was thinking the same thought as Badeyeben. If you find nothing else that works you might consider one of these. It would mean you would have to dig out all or some of your gravel, install one of these and put the gravel back.

They even have one for turf, beaches, etc. Here's the one for turf.

Here's another company that has one for turf.

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gravel driveway

I think edging is the answer, but I would go with something thick. We had a gravel driveway just for normal use and it was a pain to keep it all where it was supposed to be.
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Gravel Driveway

Just to add:

Any heavy duty edging made from plastic/recycled plastic will do the job too.

If you want to do it properly Important to have a weed barrier to stop the gravel sunk into the ground.

You can also have plastic ''net'' that keep the gravel from moving.

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