What tool do I need for...


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What tool do I need for...

I have some small areas of brush I am clearing out. One I plan to plan grass, the other turn into a small garden bed. I have all the brush and weeds whacked down, but what do I need to clear out the roots/turn the soil over? Hand tools only. Would a ho be the most effective? Some kind of tiller?
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One of the best tools for digging out roots and small brush stumps..at least that I have used..
Mattock - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

They make them with picks on one side as well. Get a good one, the cheap versions will bend/break the cutting blade.
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Trackstar, there are also these. They are more expensive but you might be able to rent one.

Not sure if this will help at this point, but here's directions on how to dig out a stump. It's geared towards trees, but some helpful info there.

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if you have a lot of big roots I use a bypass lopper to cut through them. Its looks like a really big pair of scissors. It makes quick work of roots and help with trimming low tree branches, too. I really like it now that I have it. Costs around $25-50

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