Ideas for steep bank


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Ideas for steep bank

I have a steep bank that I planted about 80-90 juniper on, the juniper are now full grown. The juniper were planted for a erosion problem and have worked great.

When we are on our back deck we look right at bank and just want something to spruce the bank up and give it a little color.

I was thinking about spacing burning bushes on it or I have seen the juniper that grow about 4ft tall and is a yellow color.

The bank is about 40 feet wide and 25 up and down, I live in SW Va and the bank gets sun a majority of the day.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
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I dont have an answer for you but I have a question that might help a better equipped responder:

what is the soil like here? Rocky, sandy, loam, etc.

That is really steep. So I take it you want something to hold on tight but also look pretty.

Like some quick growing ground cover. If you get ground cover, can you contain it so it doesnt get all over the rest of the yard?
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Some good questions from The Captain. Considering your location, I wouldn't recommend burning bushes. They have been planted ad nauseum, only look good in the fall and are invasive. If you want other shrubs, I'd say go with natives that won't be invasive and won't need to be pruned to stay in scale. We can probably come up with some that will give you more then one season of interest.

I'm guessing the site is full sun. It would also help to know your hardiness zone as SW Virginia has zones 5, 6 and 7. If you aren't sure of your zone you can use this zip code zone finder.
ZIP Code to USDA Zone Finder


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