Best Non-Selective Herbicide?


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Best Non-Selective Herbicide?


I live at the Jersey shore. My lot is stone covered with sandy soil underneath. Each year I have weeds that pop up in all areas. I have purchased vegetation killer from the big box stores and applied it according to the label with minimal results. I have used Hyvar before in other situations and it worked tremendously.

What do you recommend that will last the entire season but not kill my wallet too?

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I can see why the Hyvar worked so well as it's a brush killer made of lithium salt of bromacil and can be very toxic. It's use is banned in several Florida counties.

I would think a radiant heat weeder would be perfect for you. It's a one time expense and won't pollute the environment.

There are also flame weeders, but I like the radiant better.

Here's an interesting thread about them.

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From a cost standpoint, I think it's hard to beat distilled white vinegar. Sometimes takes more than one application, but you can buy gallons of the stuff for only a couple bucks. However, it's a post-emergent and would have to be reapplied periodically as new weeds grew up.

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