Large (>3" diameter) Poison Ivy Vines


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Large (>3" diameter) Poison Ivy Vines

I need to clear out some brush along my property/woods line to make a bit more room for a swing set.

there is large maple tree in the area that is to remain, however, it has 2 large (3" diameter) poison ivy vines growing up the trunk. I've sprayed the vines numerous times last year and all of the leaves within reach died off. We'll see what comes back this spring.... however, the large trunk vines are still there. Any idea how best to remove these? I'm very allergic to poison see it and I get it... though... it's not life threatening.. just very itchy..

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A search of this forum with the words poison ivy will show many threads. Here's one.

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Sprays won't kill it. I had the same issue. An arborist came over and recommended one thing - buy a set of chemical proof plastic gloves and a hand saw and cut the ivy about 12" away from where it roots in the ground. Within a week leaves will wilt and start falling off and your ivy is officially dead. WARNING - even dried the leaves and roots are still contaminated! Throw the saw and gloves away and dig up the roots. Don't burn the ivy or leaves just throw it away.
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That IS the way to do it.Cut it.If you see anymorer sprouting after that buy some brush killer and a cheap paint brush and coat the sprouting with it.

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