Hill in backyard. Need some advise.


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Question Hill in backyard. Need some advise.


Our house has a flat backyard until the very end which drops about 10 feet. It is a steeper drop and our property line is at the bottem of this hill. Behind us is someone elses flat backyard. We are planning if possible to plant 3 blue spruce trees on this hill and have a gardening shed over hang the hill so we can use some of this property up. Does anyone have any suggestions about this or can recommend anything else we can plant on this ski hill of ours? Thanks!
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The only real advise I can give you here is to plant something that will stop erosion and does not need mowing. A steep hill sounds no fun to mow every week.
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Your plan sounds good, of course you will need big posts to support the rear. Make sure you don't intrude on any variances/utility /city right of ways.

Ivy might be a good choice on the slope behind the spruces....but it can be very VERY intrusive.
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Originally Posted by Gunguy45 View Post
Ivy might be a good choice on the slope behind the spruces....but it can be very VERY intrusive.
I agree that ivy would be very invasive over time, grow on your shed, your trees and anything else it comes near. With a slope such as yours I would suggest a combination of native groundcovers and native shrubs. The different heights of the plant material helps to slow down the impact of the raindrops and planting natives will offer food to wildlife which will enhance your yard. Birds eat berries, but feed insect pests to their young. They also offer eye candy during long winters.


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