Sprinkler Timer problems


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Sprinkler Timer problems


I'm having some trouble with installing my new digital sprinkler timer. Any help will be appreciated, and as soon as possible too (I have new sod and MUST get this working by tomorrow).

Some quick info about my setup. I have pretty limited knowledge on irrigation but am pretty smart to figure it out, sorry if I don't know the names of certain things. I have city water that connects to a valve that then connects to a hydro-indexing valve that goes to 4 zones. I only have a single solenoid on the valve. The zones change by water pressure.
My old timer was a really old Intermatic mechanical timer. It only had 6 wires in the box. 3 from the power, 3 to the solenoid. The 3 from the power are ground, hot and neutral. The 3 to the solenoid are ground and a white and black wire. (I'm assuming those are the same as hot and neutral for the solenoid)
My old timer had only 2 connections, Common and Clock. The black was common, white was clock. All the white wires were wired to Clock, all the black were wired to Common.

I got a new digital timer and have wired the power to it just fine. (Its an indoor timer, but I've put it in an outdoor enclosure box that included a GFI. The GFI is wired to the old power connections) I get power to the timer fine. But wiring the solenoid I'm having problems.

I have the black from the solenoid going to the Common on the timer. My timer has connections for Master Valve, 1, 2, 3, and 4. Now, I only have 2 wires with a single solenoid, so I can't wire up 1-4 unless I just splice them all together..?

I've tried wiring it to only MV, but it didn't turn on. Same with 1.

Please help... I called an irrigation company today, but they aren't going to be able to come out and look at it today. If I can't get this fixed myself, I'm just going to buy a new Intermatic Mechanical timer and put that back in.. But I'd MUCH rather have the control of the digital.

Thank you
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each valve will have one wire going to a zone location. 1, 2, 3 or 4... since I think you said you have 4 zones. The other wire from each solenoid will go to the common on your clock.

So you will basically have 4 wires in your common, or 1 mutual common wire that is connected in the field that supplies common to each valve.

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