Est Cost to have Well Sounded?


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Est Cost to have Well Sounded?

I have a electric pump on my well now that is working find and for my hose irrigation. My plan this summer is to finally install my own sprinkler irrigation.

So I'm beginning my planning.

Problem is, I have no idea the history of the well, GPM, PSI. I know where the main comes into the pump, but that's about it.

So everything I've read says to have the well sounded.

Any idea a ballpark of how much is reasonable to spent to have it sounded by a local well guy?

And any other advice is appreciated.
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You would need to try and find out who drilled the well. They will have a log on the well that should have the information you are looking for on it.
It should have the depth, amount of screen, ruff estimate on the flow rate or gpm, and water level.

The local or state office should have this information.

A price on something like this would be hard for anybody here to say. There are site specific details that come into play. Like well location, pump type sub or jet, depth of well, size of well casing.

If I were to guess at a price, I think it would be $1000+
to get the info you are looking for. That is finding out the gpm of the well, or how much water the well will produce.

You can test the pump, by using a 5gal bucket.
Take the bucket, fill it up right out of the well.
If it takes 30sec to fill the bucket, you have a 10 gpm pump.

When you say psi. I assume you are talking about the pump pressure. That just depends on the pump you are using. You can try and google the name and part number of the pump, and it should give you a few sites that may have info on your pump.

I hope some of this is helpful.

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GULP! Travis..did you really say $1000+? WOW

I think I'd be rounding up a 5 gal bucket and a pressure gauge...
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Now that $1000 is to have the well tested not the pump.
The bucket test is just for the pump.

The well itself may make, say 100 to 200 gpm.
For an irrigation system, the well is what should really be tested. If the pump that is there will make enough water and pressure for the systems needs, the bucket test is all you need.

That test is about 1.99 for the

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Thank you for the reply Waterwelldude!

I forgot to mention, this pump does not have
a presure tank at all. Turn pump on, water flows.
Turn it off, water stops.

First up, no idea on the history of the well install or company. I've owned the property 5 years, and no one, including my neighbors or my county has any record of the well install. I even tried the county building dept to see if there were any permits pulled to do the original well. The former owners are no where to be found. My house was built in 1978. The well (I'm told) has always been used for irrigation, and has 3 yeard hoses hooked up to it. Pretty decent pressure it appears when turned on.

Secondly, this is for a new irrigation system I'm trying to design and build myself. I do not mind paying other people to help me, and I will if needed. Obviously, shelling out
$1,000 is a lot of money. This is what I do not know:

Originally Posted by waterwelldude View Post there will make enough water and pressure for the systems needs....
My pump appears to be currently on the top of the main line it is drawing from. I'm trying to follow these instructions (which appear to be excellent btw), on designing my own system, and looking for these readings:

What's the best way to get this info?

I'm going to run the Wet Method (Bucket Test) also.

Any further advice is certainly appreciated.


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I am not sure how you plan on running this pump, but it sounds like you are using a pump start relay. Since you mentioned doing your own sprinkling system be sure that each zone is balanced to use the same gallons per minute as your pump delivers, or just a touch under it. If you use less water than it calls for it cuts the life of the pump and your irrigation system.

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