Sprinkler PVC misalignment


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Sprinkler PVC misalignment

I am in the process of replacing a sprinkler valve, but cannot make the original pipes line up with the assembly.

As for specifics, here is the set-up: In the original, installed sprinklers, leading outbound and southbound from the sprinkler valve in question, I have the following assembly...a filter, a regulator, a screw in fitting, an incredibly short pvc pipe (maybe 1/4 inch showing before the next fitting), and a T fitting. I have replaced the valve and kept the same set up...valve/filter/regulator/screw-in fitting/pvc pipe....and now I am ready to cement my T.

Extending from the T in either direction is the original pvc pipe for the sprinklers. The right side seems to go under the driveway (to feed simply two tiny drip sprinklers...geeze!). The left side seems to run toward the middle of my lawn where, I assume, it makes a 90degree northbound turn to eventually be the water supply for some more drip sprinklers).

Here is the problem:

The original pvc piping on either side of the T that feeds the drip sprinklers is misaligned. If I am facing north with the valve assembly running toward me, what i see is that both ends of the pvc pipe "appear" to be aligned with eachother, but when the T is added, it becomes obvious that the left pipe is angled northward by a couple of degrees...as well as sits a few centimeters below the T. The right side pipe, on the other hand, can be forced into the T, (not smoothly, but it is workable). But once the right side is sitting in the T, the angles become even more exaggerated and the misalignment for the left side is even more sharp.

I am planning on using slide-fix-fittings to connect the original pipes to the T. But even with the wiggle room permitted with the slide fixes, I just cannot get any of my dry attempts to fit. If I set the T properly (i.e. perpendicular to the assembly), and slide the right side slide-fix into the T, AND push and force the left slide-fix toward the T, I cannot get even an 1/8 of an inch of the slide fix into the T before I reach a complete standstill. I have about 10 inches of pipe on both sides showing, so I can get some flexibility. But still no go.

Any suggestions on how to fix this? How to make the original pipes and T align?

I inspected the T assembly that I cut off the original system, and it appears that the installers simply forced the pvc pipes directly into the T. And as for the part of the T leading toward the valve assembly, it looks like they cemented that part off kilter with a slight angle. In other words, the pvc pipe extending from the assembly into the T was just barely cemented into the T by fractions of an inch...not sitting deep at all, which seems to have allowed the original installers to set the T off kilter.

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pic of job

Here is a pic (link to the pic) of what I was trying to explain. Although the two pvc's running east-west appear to be aligned fairly evenly, they actually are not. And, as you can see, the imaginary straight line running through the valve north-south, is actually not perpendicular to the east west pipes. It is a little difficult to see from the pic, but if I were to place a T fitting on the assembly, both of the east-west running pvc's would actually have to enter the T at opposite diagonal lines...almost like an upside down Y, except the T's angle would make it impossible for both to enter at the same time...unless I jimmy-rig the fitting like the original landscapers did, where the T was only partially sitting on the assembly pvc.

You can also see how each of the valves run diagonal to the box. And as you can see from the other exposed pipes, none of the pipes-to-valves orientations are perpendicular/square! How did they get any of them in? I am assuming that any T fitting was rigged like the one I removed.

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when they put this together, it was probably trenched and they were able to jsut drop the pipe in, all glued together. A lot of companies only care about putting it in and getting paid and not how a person would fix it if it broke.

As to how to fix it... you are going to have to dig back farther in each direction in order to get that "bend" that you need to line things all up. I know its a pain, but its better than fixing this thing twice.

The PVC will flex a little bit and its hard to describe. If you have done it a lot you have a feel for how much it can take.. and the older it gets, the less it can deal with. Try a scrap piece first to see, but the more room you have to work with, the more it can flex for you.

The way you have this set up your easiest approach is to glue it to the valve, then choose which end going into your trenches would be the hardest to do. Do that end first. So long as your measurements are precise using the slip fix will help out a great deal.

Having a helper to hold pipe, hand you a glue brush or something else will really help... at least for moral support if nothing else.

Let this dry overnight before testing it.

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