Looking for ideas on my lawn, help.........


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Looking for ideas on my lawn, help.........

My front lawn is about 500ft by 200ft. I am looking for something I can plant or sprinkle on about and area of 300ft by 200ft that will take over the lawn. I don't want to mow the last 300ft of my lawn but I don't want that area to go back to tall field grass. I need something that will grow or spread and stay low to the ground so I won't have to cut it and it'll look nice too. I can't dig up or over turn all that lawn, so I need something that I can just sprinkle on or something I can plant and I will just spread in time. Someone told me to try using Dutch Clover, anyone have any ideas?
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Hi Graniteman,

You don't say where you live or your hardiness zone, but buffalo grass comes to mind and it's native to the US.

Creeping Liriope might also work but you'd need to mow once a year.

I do like the clover idea too.

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Boy, I wish I could give you some of our clover!! I would check with a local nursery, as they will know what grows in your area.

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