Re-grading backyard due to water problems


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Re-grading backyard due to water problems

My house sits in the middle of a large slope. With the front yard being lower than the back. My backyard slopes down towards the center of my house, so when it rains all the water from the backyard pools against my house. I'm looking to re-grade the land in the back to prevent as much water from sitting against the house. In some areas I will need to dig out as much as 1.5-2 feet of soil, and redeposit it elsewhere to form a slope that will allow the water to flow towards one side of the house where my driveway is and not up against the center of the house. This should allow most of the water to flow around the house and away from it.

My question is what should I be using to do this? I've seen some forums mention a bobcat, or a power box rake, or something else? Are there any attachments or anything special I should look for when renting a tool for this?

I appreciate any and all help on this!

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Some pictures would help, but just from what I imagined from your description I think you may want to hire it out. Seems to me you will need a skid steer and someone capable of using a transit to get proper grades shot so this is a one time deal.
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I agree that hiring it out might be more cost effective. Depending on your exact location and local might cost $300 or more to rent the proper machine for a day. Then there is the learning curve of using the machine.

Someone who digs foundations and grades lots could probably knock it out in 3-4 hrs.

I just had 20 yds (2 dump trucks) of material delivered, driver used a big Case loader with a box attachment to rough grade, then hand worked it. Bout 4 hrs total... $325...sooooo worth it!
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Just a thought

If possible, you could simply dig a "french drain" or similar closed-drainage system. You could simply install some lawn catch basins (they sell them in black and green at Lowes or HD) and install a closed PVC pipe, outletting at your driveway. This is something you could do yourself with a shovel in a few hours , depending on the size of the project. A french drain is simply a perforated pvc pipe, with perforations along the side. You pack the trench with stone (wrap the pipe with a sock so it doesn't get plugged) and the water will infoltrate into the pipe, and outlet at the driveway, or wherever you decide to outlet the pipe.

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