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I need HELP/advice. My husband and I are getting older and can't/don't want to spend as much time in our yard any longer. Husband has had several melanomas and I have back trouble, we just don't need to be doing so much outside.

We have a very small front yard and around our mailbox is about 50 sq. ft. of low junipers that are under a 10 ft.+ ligustrum holly. There is also another area that has about 6 tall junipers (we think they are shore junipers) that are about 20 yrs. old but still nice looking. They are in a slight semi-circle and on the inside of this area is a brick area off the sidewalk with a pretty bench. Around it is a ground cover of vinca minor. The vinca now has weeds all through it that we can no longer control. The main thing that has prompted this landscaping job is this vinca. We would like to remove ALL vinca and just replace with Bermuda (which is taking over everything anyway). I'm so sick of pulling Bermuda out of beds everywhere and considered removing the mulch around the junipers and just let the grass grow under as far as it will go with no mulch area at all. Don't know how this will look though. We also thinking of removing one juniper on each end just to open up the area a little bit.

We were also thinking of removing the holly and low junipers around the mailbox and just having a much smaller planting area of seasonal plants probably in a slightly raised bed and filling in with where the remaining low junipers were with Bermuda.

Our house is about 30 feet from the street so we don't have a large area. We do have a Japanese Maple in a different area with two other holly's on each side of our garage so we wouldn't be without any trees in our yard.

So far no landscaper wants to do this. They say that it looks nice the way it is and just to HIRE the cleaning, shaping, mulch, etc. done throughout the year. We are on a limited income and want to reduce all of this not add to it. Does anyone have any advice as to whether this sounds like a disaster or not? My only big concern is removing the two junipers because it will leave a bad looking area at each end that may not ever recover. We could plant perhaps an azelea or knock out rose at each end that would be much smaller but would help give some color and might help the ugly look until it could maybe recover.

I don't want to make a big mistake but just feel the need to cut down the maintenance and no one wants to help. They just keep wanting us to hire it done. Easy for them to say.

Sorry for the lengthy post.
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I forgot to mention that I'm in zone 7B (I think)....Atlanta GA.
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Sounds to me like the people you are calling are more lawn "maintenance" companies than landscaping companies.

Have you checked with any local garden centers? Call a few local builders, they may have someone who does their new construction those guys would love some work right now.

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