Need help on installing sprinkler system


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Need help on installing sprinkler system

Hi all
I just bought a house
In the back yard , we have an Artisian drain ( Water draining from land beneath ground level )

This water passes through our back yard through our driveway and into a sewer drain

I am working on digging this up and installing a big tank ,maybe multiple barrels to hold water and as it overlowes,once its full, it will go back into the the drain pipe- leading to the sewer.

My land goes down hill but i still want to put in a backflow prevention as well just incase.

I have about 1/3 acre of land in the front of the house that i want to water as well as the back.

I am looking on adding a sprinkler system to tap into this water source to water the lawn and also use for watering plants.

I will be adding in a hand water pump for watering plants and such and also putting in a drain pump to suck the water out for the sprinkler system.

Lets assume that this water is tested as clean for watering.
I will take the chance if someone dumps oil in there backyard and somehow contaminates the water.

So,from here. I would need to buy a water pump that will suck out water for the sprinkler system.

i never had one before ,so i am new to how all this works.

Now,im assuming, i will need to somehow have the sprinkler main controller, turn this pump on to call the water.

As for what kind of sprinklers heads i want to get? Well, i dont have huge lawn but itdoes slope on the side, so i will need to get the rotar ones that sprinkle out water as it rotates.
Also need to get the sprinklers that take less water pressure to use,since im using a water pump and the lawn is almost 100 feet away.

I am looking on installing sprinklers on my front lawn to get as much green grass as possible and later on for the back.

IF someone can help me out as to what type of water pump ( to start off with ) this would be awesome.

I know i will be needing elbos and piping for all this.
I have done plumbing in the past so i am familair with all that.

Then next thing also is how to lay out the sprinklers and how far down below ground it needs to go.
MY front lawn is kind of rectangular i would say.
Maybe 200 feet by 50 , this is before it starts to slope,then you can add like another 50 feet to both sides.

Anyways, if anyone has any suggestions,that would be great.

I have not dug for the tank on this water source.I am looking to go down about 10 feet. Should be more then that.
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Walking you through designing and installing an entire system is not something I can really do... it would be like telling you how to build a car or make a house.

However, as for your question about the artesian spring you have... depending on where you live tapping into that water or using the type of well that will draw from it may in fact, be illegal.

Although it sounds like a great idea to use it for your lawn watering I am not sure it will supply you with enough water for your needs if you have to make a reservoir to catch the water. A house system can use from around 10-20 gallons per minute, which would empty anything you can hand dig in just a few minutes then run your pump dry, possibly breaking it.

I may be underestimating this small stream in your yard but its hard to say without seeing it.

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