Can someone identify this groundcover?


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Can someone identify this groundcover?

hi folks Ė

Been trying to find what this groundcover is? Can anyone identify it ? I looked at a lot of pictures but canít seem to find it. I have some growing near my house and was thinking of maybe spreading it to some other areas, but I donít know anything about it. Seems hardy and seems to always look good. But I donít know how much sun/shade it needs, or whether it will crowd out the weeds or the weeds will crowd it out, etc.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!
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Looks like some sort of English Ivy. Be careful putting it in other can spread like least it did in VA.
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Thanks Gunguy. Youíre probably right. Got a lot of good info and links from a previous post about ivy. Couldnít find a picture of this particular type however. But from those links I think I found that that there are over 400 cultivars of English ivy ?

I take your point about spreading like crazy. Funny, on my previous post about ivy I was asking about how to propagate it, when most people seem to want to know how to stop it from spreading like crazy. I learned from that post that English ivy and invasive are usually used in the same sentence. Guess Iím just a backwards and upside down kind of guy. Oh well Ė thereís still hope.

Thanks for your input!
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I'm almost 100% sure it's periwinkle - that stuff is considered a weed by many people, although it has a beautiful purple colored bloom in the springtime. If it's near any shrubs in your garden(s), good luck preventing it from taking over.

Here's some more information, or just search for images of it.

Cyberbotanica: Periwinkle
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Hey thanks adam09. Sure does look an awful lot like the picture in the link. (Wonder why I like all these weeds? Maybe I should I worry?)

I think it is in fact near a shrub but hasnít taken over yet. Iíll keep an eye on it for now. But Iíll probably get rid of it instead of intentionally spreading it.

Started learning about ground covers on another thread. Still in learning mode. Was just kicking around the idea of spreading that stuff around to some bare areas. Looked nice to me. But I certainly donít want runaway stuff.

Thanks for your input.

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