Last Sprinkler Heads Have Low Pressure


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Last Sprinkler Heads Have Low Pressure

Not sure if we are fighting a well issue or lawn sprinkler issue, but the last and lowest head on two zones has insufficient pressure.

I took the line apart on one zone last year because of low pressure on the end sprinkler heads, and hissing when the zones turn on. I could not find any leaky heads or connections. I used a pressure gauge and everything appeared ok.

I watched the head which happens to be at and near road level, and it sprayed lightly for about 6 minutes compared to the other heads on that zone. Pressure then seemed to drop off even more so. The well pump is 3/4 hp which replaced a 1/2 hp pump about a6 years ago. I have also swapped increasing and decreasing the spray nozzles with various sizes, and that did not increase the spray pressure for the end head.

Last year I called the sprinkler company that installed the system but they were no longer in business. Other sprinkler companies were not interested in troubleshooting my problem only installing new systems.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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the line that fed your sprinkler heads could be too small to carry enough water to this head.

If you replaced other heads in the yard and are calling for too much water in the lawn, then it will appear weak, especially on the last head.

Could be dirt/debris in the line.

Could be a break in the line you cannot see.

Could be a design problem from the start. Companies that go out of business later on were usually the lowest bidder. Not that there is anything wrong with being the lowest bidder, but its been my experience that they are low for a reason.

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