Sod job gone bad...??


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Sod job gone bad...??

I recently had some landscaping done on my front yard and around the side of the house. There is quite a sharp 'drop off ' ot one point at the left side of the house to satisfy a city drainage easement.

If you can imagine standing in front of the house on the street...the slope basically starts out at around 2 degrees then when it hits the deck it is at the maximum of 30 degrees then levels out to nothing at the back of the house;

house front |_________|-
-______ slope

My landscaper brought in fill and topsoil and lessened the slope of the hill, but I was still concerned that it might be too steep to put sod on it.

After he assured me that they would compact the ground then place and 'peg' the sod...I was sold on the idea.

I did not see the operation in progess but my wife did...she said they used there 'feet' to compact the hillside, and a manual push roller to compact the horizontal surfaces. All the sod was 'pegged' on the hillside and it looked great...

I have been watering it as per instructions for new sod, but a rain storm wetted one area about 4 to 6 feet on the steepest grade of the slope washed most of the heavy sod down...leaving gaps 6 to 12 inches wide.

I have not contacted my landscaper yet, but was wondering if this is a fixable problem, ie: seed the gap area, or re-sod and use less water for the roots to 'grow' ...or will this hill always be easily compromised after the sod takes root??
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once your sod is in place and rooted, it will be as vulnerable as any sod/grass is.

Water it 2-3 times a day for long periods (like around 20-30 minutes or so). Sod loves water since it has no roots to hold what it doesnt drink after watering.

if your sod just folded down then you can drag it up like you would a blanket on a bed. Re-use the pegs they have in it. They look kinda like a giant staples. Try to not walk on it until it takes root.

Call your landscaper before you do anything, though. Depending on who the are and how they operate (and how big your job was), they may come fix it for you for free, or may charge you a small fee. There is not way to tell. But advice over the phone is typically free.
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IMO, if you water for 20-30 minutes at a time on a back filled slope with fresh sod you will have washouts everywhere. It is true that sod loves moisture, but you will have to do frequent light waterings to maintain a good moisture level without causing run off. Keep it moist, not saturated. Especially on a sloped area! I also agree you should call in the landscaper and get his opinion on how to repair the washout. I would think he would cover the first "natural disaster".

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