leaky garden hose connections


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leaky garden hose connections

I'm sure this has an easy answer, I'm just an idiot when it comes to hoses. When watering my yard, I have a short garden hose that connects to the outside valve, and to a hose reel on the other end. Both ends leak constantly, spraying and wasting tons of water. How do I fix this? Am I tightening too tight, not tight enough, or is there something else I need to replace?
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Replace the washers with good quality rubber washers and don't over tighten.
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what Ray said. They will usually come in small baggies that you can find in the garden center or "seasonal" section of any hardware store and even other places that sell garden hoses. Probably cost you about $1 or so.
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I like using the O-ring style hose washers...always seemed to work better for me. Whatever you do, don't get the "plastic" cheapo hose washers that you twist off like a plastic model part. Either the rubber (normally red) or O-ring type. May be in the plumbing area instead of garden.
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If washers don't solve the problem you can buy small sections of garden hose made from remnants.They are generally 10 ft and sold at most hardware stores,Ace hardware stores all carry it.If the hose attaches to the reel with a clamp you can cut the end off.
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You should also use teflon tape on the threads. Between that and the washers it'll be perfect.

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