Single Zone Not Working


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Single Zone Not Working

I have a three Zone Spinkler System, Zone 1 is not working.

If I connect Zone 1 to a working Zone at Controller, it still does not work.

I do have 26VAC at Zone 1 Controller connector when Zone is turned on.

I cannot locate the soleniod - any suggestions?
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Your solenoid is the most likely thing to have gone wrong. You will need a wire locator to find it. Sometimes you can rent one but I do not know where you would get such a device on a rental basis.

Without knowing where your valve is you cannot proceed too much further. It sounds like your problem is most likely out in the yard somewhere, based upon your tests you already ran.

The first place to check would be near the spot your water goes into the yard from the house or lake or wherever you get your water from. Poke in the lawn with a screwdriver or something and see if you hit a valve box. If its not there, then it could literally be anywhere.
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I am not a pro, but every system I have seen has some kind of above ground plumbin. There should at least be a backflow device and some PVC or something. If you can locate that, you should be able to trace back the pipes to a valve box and your soleniods will be in it.
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Thanks, Dan. I don't think he ever came back to check responses, though.

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